Resilience Community


The Resilience Community is a network of faculty, researchers, students, interested citizens, experts and nonexperts from academia, research institutions, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and private industry who have a strong interest in supporting local, national, international and global resilience of civil infrastructure lifelines, our built environments, communities and the larger society. The Community enables interactions among its members, and provides a forum for, for example: organizing conferences, workshops and symposia; identifying speakers and organizing panels and lectern/poster sessions at events; sharing and publicizing research developments and data sources; identifying co-authors and co-investigators and creating new collaborations; alerting members to upcoming events, special issues of journals, calls for proposals, post-doctoral positions, job opportunities and more; and creating a forum for discussion of pressing issues. Our Website is designed to support these activities and add yourself or your organization as a member.

The Resilience Community is self-organized. It aims to provide opportunities for researchers from disparate fields to interact and share research developments and results, encourage new types of interdisciplinary collaboration, and foster the creation of an interdisciplinary research community on resilience.  To participate and be part of the discussions, sign up for the listserv.